Its so amazing what power lies in the body and blood of Jesus christ : The capability of the holy communion has been under estimated by so many. Some take the holy communion as a tradition passed down by their religious leaders, while some take it just to fulfill the words of Jesus; saying "...... this do in remembrance. of me". luke 22:19b KJV. The communion which represents the body and blood of Jesus is far much more than just a routine, a command or a tradition. There is great power in it; to heal, for breakthrough and just name it, whatever you believe it to do for you, just have faith as you take the holy communion. Remember Jesus died and resurrected, His death and resurrection brought to us salvation and victory over every circumstance of life ; such as failure, poverty, disease, shame etc all this did sin bring into the world, and by the shedding of the blood of Jesus did our lord Jesus overcome the world and took away all these evil from as many that will receive Jesus christ as their lord." ......But be of good cheer; i have overcome the world." john 16:33b KJV. It is this same body that was sacrificed on the cross and the same blood that was shed that we take when we receive the holy communion. So the body and blood of Jesus represented in the holy communion can do for you all that you believe, for that is why Jesus came, to give us an abundant life. .........i am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. john 10:10b KJV.  Let me give you an example of how it works.

                                                   MY TESTIMONY

Sometime in 2003, i had a hole in my tooth. I stopped eating with that side of my teeth because anytime food particle got into the hole, it will cause serious pain for me. Towards the end of 2006, i started having terrible pain in the tooth though i had stopped eating with it. The pain was so terrible that i had to live on at least 6 tablets of ibuprofen (an anti inflammatory drug) daily. This continued for a while until one sunday i woke up and found out i didn't have anymore of my drugs, and i had to go to church. I consoled myself with the thought that i would find a pharmacy or local chemist on my way to church. But this didn't happen, i searched and couldn't find any drug store. I got really worried and wondered how i was going to cope in church with the pain, more so how i was going to cope throughout the day. But God had other plans for me, while i was contemplating what to do next, it occurred to me that , the sunday was the first sunday of the month. And usually every first sunday in my church then, was a communion sunday. As i remembered, some sort of excitement grew within me, and the excitement turned into faith and for the first time in my life i was going to believe God to heal me through the holy communion. So i told myself that as i partake of the body and blood of Jesus that day, i would be healed. 
        As i got to church, my tooth ached so badly and i tried to endure the pain while i waited eagerly for the communion session. Finally it was time for communion, i prayed as i took it telling God to heal me of the tooth ache. The pain didn't leave immediately, but before the service was over, the pain wasn't there anymore. i don't  remember exactly when the pain stopped, but i know that by the time the service was over i didn't feel any pain till date: 22-04-11 ! The biggest part of the story is that i have been eating with the tooth, picking food out of the hole since then till date, 4years down the the line i have not felt any pain. WOW! You too can have a bigger testimony as you receive communion today with great expectations and with a pure heart. For there is great power in the body and blood of JESUS!
Remember: "It is my pleasure to reach out to you as i give you titbits on how to go through life's issues successfully"

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